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Emilie Jabouin

Emilie Jabouin, President
I am a Doctoral student at Ryerson University and York University, Toronto, ON, Communication and Culture, specialization: Media Studies and Communication Policy. I am passionate about community building and development using communication as a medium to speak truth to power.

Over the years I have published several articles about the lives and experiences of Afrikans living in Canada including: Communicating Black Health: Consciousness, Hygiene and “Black Newspaper Activism” in the Canadian Observer (1914-1919) in Early Twentieth-Century Canada” in eds.

Claudine Bonner, Nina Reid-Maroney, Boulou Ebanda de Bbéri, Canada’s 19th Century Black Press: Roots and Trajectories of Exceptional Communication and Intellectual Activism. University of Toronto Press (under review). Canada’s Jim Crow Era, 1920s to 1950s” in Journal of Black Studies, 2020 (under review) “Writing (black) Citizenship: Mary Ann Shadd Cary, the Political Imaginary and Experience in 19th-Century Canada West”, pp. 209-230, in eds and more.


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